Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Introducing Miss Maeven

I know that there's been nothing but radio silence around here lately... but an occasion this big deserves a post!

What I only briefly mentioned 10 months ago was that 2 weeks after my wedding, one of the other BFFs in our core group got married. 

It was exactly 2 weeks after my wedding day, on a day completely and totally different than mine - it was 80 degrees and pouring rain - the girl directly to my right got married!  It was beautiful and SO much fun, and, as I mentioned before, I danced my ass off.

Ahhh, how things were different 10 months ago!

She has been enjoying her newlywedded life since then, and we were so thrilled last Friday when she brought us all the newest love of our life:  Maeven, a tiny new bundle of joy.

We were so lucky because Miss Mae's appearance coincided perfectly with a time when all of the BFFs were going to be together.  So perfect!  


It was lovely to get time for each of us to snuggle the tiny, perfect bundle.  

And then, after a few tears, she passed out on my chest for an hour.  It was definitely the best hour of my week.

Is there anything more perfect than a fresh, new baby?  Yes, the smell of that baby's sweet head, which I could smell all morning the next day.

Le sigh.  I think I have The Fever

Monday, July 21, 2014

#SBwed: Month 10


 I mean... let's just ignore the fact that this is 3 weeks late.  AKA we are closer to month 11 than month 10.  WHATEVER.

  • The weather is warm!  Sun is shining!  And yet... it's been weirdly cold.  Like - we've had multiple days this month that we can open the windows until at least noon because it's so chilly.
  • RH family vacation!   This technically happened just past the 10 month mark, but we are so boring that I'm putting it on this month.  We went with the RH family up to South Haven, Michigan for a couple of days at the end of July.  The weather was chilly, so the beach wasn't SO fun (more like SO cold) - but it was perfect weather for strolling and hanging out. 
  • Spending quality time with the RH family.  They all live within an hour or so from us, but it's hard to get the gang together.  It was nice to relax and unwind with no agenda.
  • Vacation food.  Which, on this particular vacation, was ICE CREAM.  Mr. RH is typically not ice cream's biggest fan, but he had a change of heart on this vacation.  Praise the Lord.  See the blueberry ice cream below.  #yum
  • If you are ever in South Haven, MI, you MUST divert yourself from the beach to head to Sherman's Ice Cream. Yes, it's located on the side of the highway, but it's literally the best ice cream I've ever had in my life. DO IT.

  • Vacation with 18 people.  Do you know how hard it is to find restaurants for 18 people?  Cause it's WAY hard.  We had a few disastrous incidents on the trip, but overall it was SO fun.  Totally worth it!
  • Detoxing from vacation food.  I love a good salad but eating like a bird blows.  Know what else blows?  The fact that My Fitness Pal says my husband can eat TWICE as many calories as me in one day.  Asshole.
  • Why isn't every day vacation?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's Been a Big Month

So, remember how I swore I was back to blogging and then I wasn't?!  Hahaha, fun times.

Luckily, I have a fun little story (that played out on twitter also, so sorry for the repeats) that happened yesterday, and I just couldn't not share it.

On Tuesday, I was headed to the salon for a little refresh on my highlights when I decided I needed a change.  Mostly because I wear a ponytail and everybody was sick of seeing it.

 So I texted my husband - can I pull this off??

Obviously, I wasn't going to just ask him because his replies were basically - "who is this person?"  "Yeah, cut your hair if you feel like it.  I'm sure it'll be fine."    So, I tweeted about it.  All "I'm nervous, should I chop my hair?"

So, I listened to twitter, and chop chop chop.  It wasn't too drastic of a cut, but there's a definite difference.  The next morning, I put on my most-nude lipstick (it's not very nude) and attempted my best Caroline Stanbury selfie. 

And despite my pledge to be mostly-selfie-less on Instagram... I totally posted it.  I'm occasionally allowed to indulge, yes?

Despite the weird-ass look on my face (because I of course posted the outtake instead of the happier-looking photo), I was happy cause everyone was all "great hair" and that's not a compliment I get too often, so I take what I can get. 

A couple of hours later, Whitney tagged Caroline in the photo...  and lo and behold, 20 minutes later, Caroline herself posted a compliment on the photo.

A compliment from one of my favorite Ladies of London?!  Geesh, this whole social media thing just keeps getting better and better!

July 2014 - probably going to be the height of my social media career, yes?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My 15 Minutes

Just wanted to take a quick minute to document one of the highlights (or lowlights?) of my involvement in social media.  (Do I sound like a loser?  Don't answer that.)

On Wednesday, June 25th, I was just hanging out and watching the Today Show, as often happens in the morning when my husband is sleeping.

Lo and behold, 25 minutes into the show, my face pops up on the screen.  I'm not sure I even reacted because I was so confused.

Yep, I got my tweet read on the Today Show because I tweeted about the family who attempted to scam KFC for money for a little girl's medical expenses.

To be clear, I have nothing but pity for the sweet little girl.... however, I have nothing but disrespect for her family.

I can only imagine how much trouble all the employees were in that were accused of discriminating against the sweet girl.  I'm fairly sure that all of the minimum-wage workers who work in that location were probably in fear of losing their jobs over something that never even happened.  Raaaage.

Yep, my 15 minutes of fame.  Me and KFC.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

#SBwed: Month 9

  • Son of a monkey, this month went too dang fast.  Which is good and bad, I guess?  I'm starting to feel guilty because we have been SO terrible at documenting the days and months making up our first year of marriage.  The days are short, the years are long, and I don't have really any pictures of either.  #BloggerFail  
  • Mr. RH turned 25, once again reminding me that I robbed the cradle.  The next few months before my birthday in October are my favorite - because we are closer in age so therefore I feel young.  Right.  Exactly.  
  •  Eating a rainbow birthday cake like it's my job.

  •  The onset of warmer weather has brought the onset of hotter tempers in our house.  For about a week after it got warm, I think we argued about everything from how high the air conditioner should be cranked, what time each of us individually should be going to bed, what we were eating for any given meal... and on and on!  Luckily, our tempers seem to have adjusted to the warmer temps.  

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